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Event Partners

I was born and raised on the Eastside of Detroit. I attended private and public schools. I actually attended school all year long during my four years of high school. Martin Luther King Jr. Senior High School during the normal school year and Cranbrook Schools during the summer. After high school, I attended Eastern Michigan University. Like most of my peers I entered the the workforce at the age of 16.

I played around with what I should write under my "bio". What should I keep to myself? What do I want them to know about me? Well, I dedicated an immeasurable amount of my life to make other people rich. 

  • My Favorite & Very First Job - Target | Cashier
  • Victoria Secret | Sales Associate 
  • New York & Company | Sales Associate
  • Meijers | Pricing Associate
  • Destination Maternity | Co-Store Manager
  • Lowe's | Head Cashier | Department Manager of Customer Service 
  • Macy's | Administrative Team Supervisor
  • Quadwest | Human Resource Generalist

One day I decided that I wanted to use the knowledge I acquired to fuel my own wealth of desires.

Since I was a little girl I always wanted to be an entrepreneur. It started with a karaoke machine and Pee Wee's Lemonade Stand! Fun times... After working a career in retail and human resources for over 17 years, I decided to become a full time Business Owner.  I enjoy creating memorable experiences for other ladies and their special circles! Recognizing a need for events where women could come together and vibrate with one another, I founded The Ultimate Ladies Night. It's more than a Party, it's a Movement!

The original idea for The Ultimate Ladies Night started with a special after hours event I curated for women who wanted to learn more about home improvement. 

Founder & Curator, Rennell Welch 

2022 Board Members

Rennell Welch - CEO & Board Member

Raina Polk - Board Member

Jessica Harge - Board Member

Yolanda Russell - Board Member

Tina Williams - Board Member

Shalon Banks - Board Member

Shauna Hutchinson - Board Member